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I Find that Disconnectedness Is Overrated

Around July of last year, I found myself feeling more and more disconnected from social media, from the writing/poetry community, from most everything but my family. So, I stopped tweeting, reading tweets, blogging, and reading blogs. This also coincided with a marked reduction in my poetry writing and reading (and the happiness that poetry filled me with). This went on until, well, today, when I realized that I'd lost something important to me: a place to read and discuss writing-related issues, a place to connect with people who I like and admire and who inspire me to write. So, I've decided to reboot my online presence, as a reader, participant, and writer. Will I be happier? Maybe, maybe not. But I'll certainly feel more fulfilled. And if my online presence helps inspire others to write more, read more, feel more fulfilled, that will be very cool. So, hello again, folks!


Very glad to see you back.

(It also didn't surprise me, though it saddened me a bit, to see you in ebb tide after that spectacular poem-a-day experiment!)
Thanks, Sherwood! :-)

Yes, it was a little too easy to stop writing much at all, once I stopped writing every day. Hmm....
Hello! I'm very happy to see you!
Hi, Francesca, and thank you! :-)
Hello ;o)
Hi, Jeannette! :-)
Welcome back, Eric! There are good reasons for and against social media -- I'm still trying to figure out the right balance. I hope your return inspires you to new creativity!
Thanks, Chris! :-)

And I agree with you. In my case, I think the pros outweigh the cons for productivity. :-)
Welcome back!
Thanks, Melissa! (Sorry for the delayed response. I just saw your comment today.)
That's ok. Nice to "see" you!
Likewise! :-)

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